How to use Triggers Plus

1. Set your focus

The first thing you’ll need is a project or creative brief you want to solve. This is crucial, as our prompts are designed to help you solve design, innovation and strategy challenges. Without a clear purpose, the questions won’t make sense and you’ll end up not making the most of them.

2. Select a pack

With your project in mind, select the pack that best fits your needs. Our packs are categorised in different topics. Use the name and description of the packs to understand if it’s the right one for your problem.

3. Ideate

Take each “what if” question as an invitation to explore paths for creating different solutions to your problem. Read one question at a time and take some time to note down ideas for each of it. Go through the entire pack and filter your ideas only after you are done with the entire pack.

Pro tips

Include your team

Share your screen or just read the questions aloud to your team so they can ideate with you.

Explore each question

Don't judge the question but try to create ideas for each one. Beautiful things happen when you let yourself connect the dots.

Diverge as much as possible

Leave your critical thinking for later. Our "what if" questions are for exploring and creating ideas. It's not the time to filter.

Set a time limit

On each pack, you'll see a recommended time for the session. Be responsible with the time and don't drag it out indefinitely.

Ready to start your session?

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