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“What if” questions that will help you generate ideas individually or with your team. Includes +800 Ideation prompts from our 15 decks in both English and Spanish.
Strategy Deck

What if you made yourself noticeable all the time?

Think about making it clear when you are in the room. Don't be shy. Ideate ways of catching people's attention.

What if the idea helped people
learn something?

Think about a useful and educational solution. Give your audience new wisdom.
Strategy Deck

What if you asked your audience for help?

Think about reaching out to your audience and having them help you solve a problem. It's ok to ask for help once in a while.

What if it only showed up at the right moment?

Think about designing a service that is only available when it is really needed.
Graphic Deck

What if you
involved other visual artists?

Think about including others in the process. Illustrators, photographers, and designers. Don't do it alone.
Naming Deck

What if your name was an action?

Think about giving a dynamic feel to your name. Include the activity in it. Like “We Work”, the coworking space chain.

What if you
created a super personalised idea for every user?

Think about how you could make the solution unique for every user.
Serendipity Deck

What if you made art with your problem?

Think about ways of generating something beautiful or intriguing. Maybe it’s a new kind of art.
Business Design

What if your customers didn't own your product?

Think about the new sense of property, for example, how you don't need to own the mp3 to pay for a music service.
Planet Centric

What if you never stopped owning
the product?

Think about renting your idea instead of selling it. Users could return it when they’re done, and you can give it a second use.
Storytelling Deck

What if everything in your story was
a reference?

Think about replicating a famous tale your audience knows. Use details they will undoubtedly recognise.

What if you only used words?

Think about only verbal communication. No images or illustrations. Solve the problem with just words.
Machine Learning Deck

What if it corrected errors?

Think about detecting common mistakes. Like a grammar service that corrects you automatically.
Conversion Deck

What if you made something feel scarce?

Think about conveying the feeling that time is running out. Like when you are about to book a hotel and you’re told there’s only one room left.

What if you developed a spiritual side?

Think about transcending the material things in life. Let’s start talking about your beliefs and your vision of the universe. Share it with your audience.

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